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Let’s begin this email with a conversation about the most important substance in the world – water! Water covers most of our planet and is crucial to a healthy, functioning body. 

Even more important than these two factors – water is a pinnacle of the Wipe Clean business. Calgary water is famously hard with around 13.4 grains per gallon, ranging from 11.6 grains per gallon at Calgary’s North and 15.1 grains per gallon at Calgary South.

What does that mean for you? First, hard water is not linked to any negative effects on human health. Water hardness is perfectly natural and gets its name from minerals (calcium, magnesium etc.) accumulating during the water cycle. Moreover, high mineral content is beneficial to me and you since some of these accumulated minerals are essential to the healthy functioning of our immune systems, heart health, bones, teeth and more.

Well, it is not always rainbows and sunshine – some studies link hard water as an indirect factor for a flaking scalp and eczema because hard water typically leads to more soap usage.

Second, hard water is hard on plumbing appliances, water systems, and materials in general. The minerals contained in hard water can leave residue on your dishes or clothing after they have been washed. Also, the mineral build-up can occur on the mechanical parts of your appliances or pipes.

Why does Wipe Clean care about hard water? Well, hard water leaves very unpleasant streaks on windows and other surfaces in your house after they have been washed. I am not even mentioning the overuse of soap and cleaning products tied to using hard water in cleaning!

To combat these nasties, the Wipe Clean team uses a custom-designed triple filtration system. Our water is 100% mineral-free and it leaves no streaks or residue on your windows! That’s why Wipe Clean is your #1 choice for Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing and more in Calgary!

Click Here if you would like to know more about hard water’s impact on your health
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