Pressure Washing Siding

Pressure Washing Siding

How to Pressure Washing Siding for Maximum Results 

Spring is the perfect time to give your home’s siding a good cleaning. Pressure washing is the best way to remove dirt, grime, and other build-up that can occur over time. If done correctly, pressure washing can also extend the life of your siding. Here are some tips on how to pressure washing siding for maximum results.

Choose the right pressure washer for your home’s siding 

Getting the right power washer for your home’s siding is a critical decision since too much pressure can cause significant damage. It is important to understand the differences between low, medium, and high-pressure washers. Low-pressure washers generate less than 1200 PSI (pounds per square inch), enough to remove dirt without damaging your siding.

Pressure Washing Siding

Pressure Washing Siding

Medium-pressure washers range from 1700-3000 PSI, and are appropriate for tougher stains. Finally, high-pressure washers exceed 3000 PSI – these should only be used for heavy-duty jobs such as removing paint. Before committing to a pressure washer, consider factors such as power output, portability, nozzle settings, hose length and attachments for specific tasks. To make sure you choose the right machine for your siding, consult with an expert so you can keep your house looking beautiful!

Make sure to protect any areas that you don’t want to get wet, such as windows and doors

Before using any pressure washing equipment on your siding, it is important to ensure that any parts of the building that you don’t want exposed to water are covered. This includes windows and doors, as they can be particularly susceptible to damage from high-pressure water jets. Make sure to take the necessary precautions by taping off or covering these areas before proceeding with pressure washing your siding. Doing this will help you avoid any unnecessary damage and time spent repairing areas of your building due to accidental exposure to water.

Start from the top of the house and work your way down, using a back-and-forth motion

When pressure washing the siding of a home, you’ll want to start at the top of the house and make your way down in order to avoid any rewash. Using a slightly angled back-and-forth motion is the most effective technique to ensure your siding comes out looking like new. While it’s important to keep as close to a perpendicular angle as possible when pressure washing, it’s also important that you don’t press too hard or too soft – lest you end up wasting time and energy by having to go over that area again. Perfectly pressed at 90 degrees is an ideal way for achieving vibrant results.

Be careful not to point the pressure washer nozzle directly at anyone or anything

Pressure washing your siding can be an effective way to brighten up and beautify the exterior of your home, but it’s important to practice caution while using a pressure washer. Be sure not to point the nozzle of the pressure washer directly at anyone or anything that might become damaged by its powerful stream of water, as this can cause serious injury or property damage. If you take care not to direct the high water pressure at anyone or anything, you can properly clean your siding with ease and minimize potential risk.

Pressure Washing Siding

Pressure Washing Siding

Rinse off the siding with clean water when you’re finished

After completing the pressure washing of your siding, it is important to rinse off the area with clean water. This will help remove any residual dirt and debris from your siding, ensuring that it looks as good as possible. Rinsing off the siding will also help to eradicate any leftover cleaning detergent which could cause streaks or staining on the siding over time. Taking this extra step prior to allowing the siding to dry will greatly improve the results of your project.

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