Terms of Service



Terms and Conditions

(Revised April 10, 2023)


When hiring us for our services, you (the client/customer) agree to enter into a contract with “Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd” and their affiliates and agree to pay any and all invoices in full upon completion of the agreed quoted work.

“Client” and/or “customer” are the terms used in this document to refer to the person/persons/company/Strata who we are communicating with by email, text, and/or phone. When hiring us (the company and any/all affiliates) you the client/customer agree to contract with us Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd for the services you agree to us performing for you. By hiring us, Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in this legally binding document.

Window Cleaning (Residential/Commercial)

Please ensure that Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. has clear access to all areas to be cleaned, with a minimum five (5) foot clearance for obvious safety reasons. Any screens, signage, stickers, postings, etc. are required to be removed by the customer prior to our arrival. Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. can remove signage, stickers, etc. for an additional fee, which may be added to the final invoice at our discretion. Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. will assume no liability for breakage, damage, or replacement of removed items, unless behavior, not in accordance with our Employee handbook, is displayed by an employee of Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. which is the direct result of the breakage or damage.  

A maintenance clean includes the application of mild soap, agitation, and a squeegee wipe to remove the water. We also use deionized water with a water-fed pole to clean the windows. The technician on site will use the method of their choice. Unless agreed upon by both parties that the Traditional package will be used exclusively. However, if it is not coordinated with that package then it is assumed that it is up to the discretion of the technician which method they clean the windows. Sills and frames will be generally wiped for excess water. Frames are wiped by either the brush of the water-fed pole or by a hand with a microfibre cloth. This does not include frames that require deep cleaning.

Window cleaning is available all year round, however, when the temperature is below 0° we may use window washer fluid to negate the water from freezing over.

A first-time construction clean may require amended pricing upon closer inspection when on location due to more time, specialized products, tools, and techniques to safely remove any deposits on glass/frames from construction. Any prior damage from construction or any other sort to windows will be shown to the customer. Any broken or damaged windows will not be cleaned unless with a Damage Waiver signed by both parties.

Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. will not be held liable in any way for repairing and/or replacing windows with any prior damage, staining, discoloration, oxidation, hard water mineral deposits, broken seals, years of wear, any prior scratched glass, or any other reason. Scratched glass can become apparent during a cleaning.


Maintenance Cleaning

A regular maintenance program is essential in helping a property clean, protect and prolong the life of the surfaces that make up the property.

Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd provides standard maintenance cleaning and quoted rates do not include (unless otherwise noted): the removal of silicone, paint, staining, oxidation, concrete, hard water stains, and/or any other issue that would not be covered with a mild soap solution, light scrub and/or razor blade, and squeegee. Any concerns and extras should be discussed prior to commencing the project and may be subject to additional charges in some, but not all cases, upon our discretion.

When hiring Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd, you agree we will not be held liable for current or prior scratches, blemishes, or damage resulting from the cleaning of glass, frames, or related products with window films, applied finishes, laminations of any kind, or special order custom products that require special treatment. If products will not tolerate conventional cleaning methods (such as soapy water solution, specialized razors, and or #0000 steel wool, including nylon bristles) the customer is responsible for notifying Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd in writing prior to scheduling.

Post Construction, Paint Cleanup, and Initial Cleanings (Window Cleaning)

The estimate (quote) includes the time needed to clean and detail all windows and frames, the time needed to remove, clean, and re-install any storm sets (if applicable), and the additional time for scrubbing and removal (if possible with our techniques) of any construction materials that are on the glass surfaces. Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. does not guarantee or promise that all paint, silicone, oxidation, stain, and/or any other buildup can or will be removed.

Deck Wash

Decks are commonly prone to issues such as staining, paint overspray, wear, mold, mildew, and algae growth, (especially on the north sides of buildings) uneven appearances, hard-to-remove food, and grease stains. Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. uses job-specific environmentally safe products that can help resolve these issues. Vinyl, concrete, and durable decks are cleaned using surface spinning (surface cleaners) and wood decks would be cleaned through wand washing. However, if it is not coordinated with that package then it is assumed that it is up to the discretion of the technician which method they use to clean the surface of the deck, including it being brushed. A brush wash is also available upon written request.

Exterior Washing of Buildings

This can include (and is not limited to) cleaning/washing of roofs, eavestrough/gutters, soffit, exterior gutter surfaces, wood trim, fascia, doors, siding (aluminum and/or vinyl), brick, and concrete. We will use specialized cleaning agents and methods to assist in removing dust/dirt, cobwebs, bird/insect droppings, algae, mold, mildew, and any other filth deposited on the surface being cleaned.

Cleaning will be performed with commercial and/or industrial grade, job-specific cleaning agents that will help remove and slow future growth of mold, moss, and algae. All building exterior cleaning is done with low pressure so as not to damage delicate surfaces of the house with the exception of surfaces where power washing is necessary to clean them.

Unless otherwise stated, the customer shall be responsible for preparing the work site in advance of our scheduled arrival for the services they have hired us for. This includes providing clear access of at least 5-10 feet minimum on all sides of the building to be cleaned. Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd will not be responsible for any damage to the building due to loose/improperly secured/installed siding, stucco, wood trim, windows, doors, paint or any existing substandard maintenance condition.

Please ensure all windows, doors, and access points to the building are closed prior to us starting the work to prevent any liquids from entering the building. It is assumed that adequate weather stripping is present and the building is properly sealed to prevent any liquid from entering the building. Any water leaking or drainage into, onto, or around the structure like at doors and windows is the sole responsibility of the customer.

We are expecting exterior water access to be available for us to use and have turned on during the time of service unless previously discussed with us bringing a separate water source for an additional charge.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning requires safe and clear roof access, if there are no safe and clear ways to access the roof the service will be canceled. If the roof is unsafe due to pre-existing conditions or due to weather conditions the service will be rescheduled or canceled. First, the gutters will be inspected by the technician walking the roofline however the cleaning will be done from the ladder or from the technician being properly harnessed from the roof. Gutter cleaning involves our service technicians accessing the roof, cleaning the debris either by hand, by a blower, or a vacuum. It is at our discretion which method the gutters are cleaned unless agreed upon prior to the service by both parties. Once the debris is removed, the downspouts are flushed by either a snake or by a hose. This only includes the direct flushing of the downspout and does not include the inner washing of the remaining eavestroughs, unless it is coordinated and agreed upon for an additional charge. A water source must be turned on and available for this service, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties that we will bring a source of water at an additional charge. Once the downspouts are flushed, (and the eavestroughs are rinsed), the debris that is expelled from the downspouts, will be picked up, bagged, and placed in the green bin. If there are no bags available to place the debris into, the debris will be directly placed into the green bin at the discretion of our team. If there is no space in the green bin to place the bag of debris, it will be removed from the site at an additional charge. 

If you wish to have the gutters guards removed and the eaves cleaned then that will incur an hourly rate and must be confirmed by both parties, however, if there are gutter guards and just the tops of the guards are to be cleaned that will incur no additional charges.

This does not include the taking apart of downspouts or weeping tiles. That incurs additional charges and must be agreed upon by both parties.

For gutter washing (outside gutter cleaning), we apply soap to the exterior gutters and follow with a soft brush wash and final rinse of all gutter exteriors to remove dirt and filth. In some cases, permanent stains and/or wear may remain on the outside of gutters for prolonged exposure/obvious reasons.

Siding Cleaning

Depending on which package, the client chooses to receive, like the Supreme siding: we will first apply a soapy solution to all types of siding to loosen/suspend dirt/soiling of various kinds. We will then perform a soft brush wash to scrub and rinse the siding. In Standard Siding washes, we will only perform a power rinse at the client’s request. Although we will always do our best to wash siding effectively, some moss/mold/mildew/algae/staining may not come off with the cleaning process.

The paint/stain should not come off. In some cases, oxidizing of vinyl siding may occur and the original shine of the siding will wear out and become duller over years of exposure to the elements. We are not responsible for regular wear and tear of the siding.

Pressure Washing (Power Washing)

Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. includes pressure washing (power washing) to thoroughly clean concrete surfaces to remove/reduce dirt, algae, mildew, etc. Cleaning agents may be used in conjunction with the power washing to get the best possible cleaning of the surface. For flat surfaces, a surface spinner will be used for an even clean, and to reduce striping patterns where possible.

Since wear is expected with each power wash, Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. will not be held liable for any visible wear and/or damages as a result of current and/or prior pressure washing by us or anyone else.

In some but not all cases, staining can/may be removed, and you agree by hiring us that there are no guarantees of any/all kinds of permanent stain removal.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure proper drainage systems are in place in advance to handle the excess water which will be present while pressure washing to avoid any flooding or water damage.

Please note: Not all stains may be able to be completely removed. Despite extreme caution when power washing, some and/or most paint/stain may come off and may need to be re-painted and/or re-stained after drying.

Cleaning of Flat Work (i.e. Patios, Porches, Walkways, and Driveways)

Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. uses industry-proven cleaning methods and the highest quality biodegradable cleaning compounds to complete the job properly & on time. 3,500–4,000 PSI pressure washers will be used in conjunction with appropriate cleaning agents to remove gum, dirt, algae, mildew, grease, oil, etc.

A regular maintenance program is essential in helping a property clean, protect and prolong the life of the surfaces that make up the property.

A thorough power washing will remove and/or greatly reduce most/all contaminants, greatly improving the overall appearance of the property, and making the property more attractive for residents and guests.


Regular, preventative maintenance cleaning can hinder the build-up of filth and potential staining of any/all surfaces. When surfaces are not cleaned regularly (once per year minimum), staining (unremovable spots, hard water deposits, discoloration, oxidation, UV damage, etc.) can and will occur. We will not be held responsible for unremovable stains/paint on gutters, siding, windows, concrete, wood, etc., and/or regular wear to any/all surfaces we clean.

When hiring us and any of our affiliates you consent and agree that we are not responsible for any/all permanent stains of any type including any/all types of construction residue including and not limited to paint overspray/drips, tar, silicone, hard water stains, mineral buildup, discoloration, UV damage, oxidation, fading, concrete drips, and any other permanent material deposited on the material being cleaned.

When hiring Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd and any of its affiliates you acknowledge responsibility for any prior damage, prior and/or permanent stain of any/all types and agree Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd is not responsible for any/all types of permanent staining.

Pet Feces

Since fecal matter may potentially contain viruses, bacteria, and other potential health threats, please ensure your yard is free of pet fecal matter in advance of our arrival, so we can safely work without our shoes, clothes, bodies, and equipment being exposed to pet feces.

Please note: We reserve the right to refuse service if a yard is full of pet feces and the homeowner refuses to clean up the feces, or we may add a fee for each pile to the final invoice for minor cleanup of pet feces in some circumstances at our sole discretion.

Weather Policy

We will always do our best to complete the job as scheduled, regardless of weather conditions. When temperatures are 5 °C or below, we may start later in the day to allow frost and/or icy conditions to thaw. When icy conditions persist, we may need to reschedule an appointment for a warmer day for obvious safety reasons. We clean windows all year round, but when the temperature is -10 °C or below, we will have to reschedule the appointment until the temperature rises above it. 

We typically will follow through with our scheduled appointments regardless of weather conditions, including rainy weather. In extreme cases, like torrential downpours, lightning storms, and/or powerful windstorms, we will need to reschedule appointments for our safety.

Quoting and Scheduling

All communication between Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd and the customer is done through email to have a written record of communication and to avoid potential misunderstandings by any party. Since voicemail messages can be audibly unclear, we cannot and/or will not make any confirmations or guarantees of any sort via phone and/or any other type of verbal communication. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse service when inaudible, rapid, and/or rude speaking by the customer is done through a phone call or voicemail message.

A customized quote from our online booking portal, along with an attached PDF version, will be provided prior to any work being done and will be delivered as an email attachment. Work will not begin until the customer delivers us written consent by signing our proposal (via the online booking portal) or by email or standard mail.

In order to schedule an appointment, we will provide some optional calendar dates and times. If more than one date is required to complete the job, we will provide the appropriate and consecutive number of dates to complete. If none of the optional days will work for the customer, we require written notification, and we will provide more optional days for booking at that point. When a customer decides to book with us, we require written notification of the days they wish to book. We will confirm the scheduled days by email, so there is a written record of the agreed-upon days to be booked.

***  Please note: We DO NOT provide verbal quotes.  ***

Pricing Rates and Service Charges

Pricing rates are calculated based upon many factors including and not limited to the time involved while on the job, travel time for calls outside our service area, bridge toll fees, the vertical height of the service, number of years since previous professional cleaning was performed, number of trees nearby, difficulty level of each service, accessibility, having to move items out of the way, having to install a temporary roof safety anchor, number of individual window panes being cleaned, linear and/or square feet of surface areas being cleaned, materials/products/tools/equipment use/maintenance/replacement costs, liability insurance policy, inflation, and any other factor based on our discretion.

Rates are always quoted in writing prior to performing any service and are delivered to the customer through email attachments in PDF format. When 3 or more individual services are requested, a customized bundled package quote with reduced individual rates will be prepared and emailed to the potential/repeat customer. If you require a printed copy, we require written notification in advance by email or postal mail. In this one instance, we will accept a phone request when a voicemail message has been left by the client.

There will be a minimum charge for any type of service call not related to any other services already rendered (i.e light dusting, touch-up, etc.). The minimum charge rate may be changed at any time based on our discretion.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy that we adhere to help keep our prices competitive. We require written notice for rescheduling your appointment more than 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Cancellations or reschedules that occur with less than 48 hours’ notice may be subject to a service charge fee. Implementation of this and any other convenience fees are at the sole discretion of Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. An invoice for the fee will be emailed at the time of cancellation.

Payment Options

Full payment of the invoice is always due immediately upon completion of services rendered (NET 0). We reserve the right to add a $25 late payment fee to outstanding accounts of 30+ days. A 2.0% late fee will be added every 30 days a payment is past due, upon the discretion of Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd. A $40 service charge will be included for insufficient funds. When a customer refuses to pay an invoice for services rendered we may pursue collections protocols at our discretion.

Payment options include Cash, cheque, Interac e-transfers, bank draft/certified cheque, money order, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. When paying by cheque, draft, or money order, please make the cheque payable to “Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd.” Invoices under $1000 CAD may be paid by Credit Card, Invoices larger than $1000 CAD may be paid via e-transfer, bank draft/certified cheque, or money order. They are also able to be paid via Credit Card if requested; a 3% surcharge will be added to the final invoice if this request is made.

Refusal of Service

Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd and its affiliates always reserve the right to refuse service at their sole discretion. Reasons may include (and are not limited to) rude, abusive, and/or belligerent behavior, miscommunications, misunderstandings of any sort, indiscernible speech, locations outside our service area, inability to safely perform the services requested (at our discretion), extreme amounts of pet feces on location, and/or any other good reason we may have and not communicate.

Customers Rights

The customer has the right to good service, honest/open/clear communication, being treated with dignity and respect, a good job being done, a location being left cleaner than on our arrival, reasonable/up-front quoted rates in writing, the job being completed in a timely fashion within the projected time-frame, and when we miss anything to communicate with us verbally and/or in writing as soon as possible, (preferably within 1–7 days max) so we can remedy any deficiencies immediately and preferably before we leave the job location.

Future Revisions

As Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd grows, it may be necessary to revise our terms and conditions as required. We Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd reserve the right to revise this document at our discretion at such time that any changes occur to our services, policies, affiliates, websites, and/or company structure and/or location.

Previously existing terms and conditions documents that have been attached to previous quotes prior to any current revisions will still be legally binding based on the previous document. A current version of this revision will be available at https://wipeclean.ca/terms-of-service/ This revision will also be available for review on any/all affiliated websites, and Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd name may be different according to the website it is affiliated with.