Can you keep a secret?

When you’ve been cleaning windows and gutters as long as we have, you learn a few tricks. The biggest secrets of the window cleaning and power washing trade are closely guarded by all window washers and gutter cleaners!

Wipe Clean is a little different. We want our clients to know exactly how we can provide them the best service possible! That means we’re fully transparent about every dirty secret in the window cleaning and pressure washing industry!

Want to know what the biggest secret is? It’s all about water. Streaks, residue, or left-over dirt is the downfall to any window cleaner out there! We use a special water fed pool with a custom-made water purification system with three filters. The first filter uses carbon, the second uses reverse osmosis, and finally, the third uses a charged ion filter.“That sounds like a bunch of science!” I hear you say. If that is what you said, you are correct!

Carbon attracts impurities and catches them, reverse osmosis pushes water through a filtration membrane, and charged ions stick to impurities on a molecular level.

To compare, Calgary tap water has 178 parts (or impurities and minerals) per mille while our filtered water has 0 parts per mille. 100% H2O – that’s it!

Let us show you the power of pure water! Call Wipe Clean at (403) 278 3393 for a free quote!
Yours Truly
Nick Stainsby,
Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd.
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