Don’t get charged for the snow on your property!

Are you leaving your house for the winter? Do you have anyone clearing your sidewalks from ice and snow when you are gone?

If not, then the “Sherriff of Nottingham and the the other tax collectors down at city hall” already have their hands in your pocket (and they are squeezing hard)!

You will be issued an oral warning for not clearing your sidewalk and fined $150 (GST and administrative fee EXTRA) for not removing the snow within 24 hours of snowfall ending in time PLUS $250 (going up to $500 and 750$ for second and third offense respectively). 

That is crazy! Wipe Clean has you covered! We can clean your sidewalks on time so you NEVER get a fine! Save yourself from embarrassment for a price much lower than those government fines. Just call us at 403 278 3393 to know more!

Yours Truly
Nick Stainsby,
Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd.
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