Shouldice Park Monserrat Dr NW Calgary AB Canada

Shouldice Park Monserrat Dr NW Calgary AB Canada is a great place to spend the day with your kids. It offers a playground, picnic sites, sports fields and access to the Bow River.

Sue Higgins Park is a large riverside park with a fenced off-leash area, picnic tables and public artwork Deux Chiens Assis, two bronze dog statues by artist Henri Jacquemart, crafted in the 1800s. Wander through 62 hectares of green space along the riverbank and keep your eyes peeled for diving ducks, Canada Geese, gulls, red-winged blackbirds, woodpeckers and warblers. Click for more info.

1. Playground

The playground at Shouldice Park Monserrat Dr NW Calgary AB Canada is a great place for kids of all ages to have fun. It features an extensive ramp system that small children can use to get around and pour-in-place recycled tire flooring.

There are many swings and spinners for all ages, including two baby swings, a saucer swing, and an expression swing (where you can swing facing each other). The big giant climbing structure is also a hit with older kids!

The large playground is located in a great neighbourhood with easy access to the Bow River pathways. There are multiple picnic spots, BBQs, a seasonal washroom, and a beautiful river view from the playground.

2. Picnic Sites

Enjoy a picnic lunch in one of the beautiful, natural park settings in Calgary. Edworthy Park has nine dedicated picnic areas and five gazebos, and there are also paths to take, playgrounds, and off-leash dog areas.

Located in southwest Calgary, Edworthy Park is a great place to spend a day out for a picnic. It is home to the Douglas Fir Trail, Lawrey Gardens and a variety of wildlife.

The park also has a beautiful view of the Bow River, and there is access to a boat ramp, too. Whether you want to have fun on the water, or just chill with friends, this is a great place to head for a family picnic.

3. Sports Fields

The sports fields at Shouldice Park Monserrat Dr NW Calgary AB Canada are a great way for kids to get active and stay healthy. The park is home to soccer, baseball and tennis fields that are available for public use.

Shouldice Park Monserrat Dr NW is also home to a playground that is accessible for all. This playground features recycled tire flooring and an extensive ramp system.

It also has a giant rope-y structure that is perfect for older children. There are many different climbers for all ages, as well as roller slides and other unique features. It is also a perfect place for families to have fun together. The playground also has a variety of musical elements and is surrounded by beautiful trees. Visit URL.

4. Bike Path

Located in Northwest Calgary, Shouldice Park Monserrat Dr NW is a great place to go for a bike ride or jog. It also has a boat ramp, basketball court and plenty of picnic sites to enjoy.

One of the most unique things to do at Shouldice Park is to raft the Bow River. It’s a great way to get some exercise and have fun with the family.

Another popular place for rafting in the city is Edworthy Park, where you’ll find a dedicated raft take-off site, along with washrooms and a boat ramp. Then there’s a hand-launch site at Prince’s Island Park, which is a calm part of the river and is a good spot to launch your raft.

5. Boat Ramp

There are a few boat ramps in Calgary that you can use for a quick trip down the Bow River. The one at Shouldice Park Monserrat Dr NW is perfect for those who want to get on the water and enjoy the view of the river without having to drive to a boat dock.

The Shouldice Park boat ramp is also a great place to launch your kayak. It has a lot of space to park and is open to the public.

This boat ramp is located within Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park and is accessible from Range Road 260. It is a popular destination for fishing and is well-maintained with toilets and garbage containment on site. More.

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