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The Benefits of Soft Wash House and How to Do It Right

Most people think that pressure washing their homes is the best way to keep them clean. However, soft wash house has many benefits and is actually the better method to use. Not only is soft washing more gentle on your home, it also effectively cleans without causing any damage. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of soft washing your house and how to do it right! 

The Benefits of Soft Washing Your House Include Removing Dirt, Grime, and Mildew Build-up Safely and Effectively.

Regularly power washing your house can be a chore, but soft washing provides an easy and effective way to keep your house looking its best. Through the use of specialized low-pressure nozzles and eco-friendly detergents, soft washing is able to safely remove dirt, grime, and mildew build-up on siding, windows, and other exterior surfaces of your home. In addition to removing unsightly buildup from the outside of your house, softwashing can also give your home a life prolonging breath of fresh air by killing mold spores and preventing future growth. With all the benefits that come with using this gentler method to clean your house, there’s never been an easier or healthier way to keep up with regular cleaning procedures.

Soft Washing is Also Gentle on your Home’s Exterior Surfaces, Making it Ideal for Painted or Delicate Siding.

Soft washing is an excellent choice for home exteriors, providing a gentle and effective approach to cleaning with minimal risk of damage. It is particularly useful for painted or delicate surfaces, since it does not apply the same high water pressure as power washing does. This makes soft wash house cleaning an ideal way to clean away dirt and grime without risking chips or scratches in your home’s paint job.

Soft Wash House Cleaning

Soft Wash House Cleaning

To Properly Soft wash your House, You’ll Need a Pressure Washer with a Low-pressure Setting and a Detergent Solution Designed for Soft Washing.

Soft washing is an effective way of cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home, which is why it’s increasingly popular. Though it may appear to be a daunting task, soft washing your house is relatively easy and straightforward with the right tools. In order to get the job done effectively, you’ll need a pressure washer with a low-pressure setting and a detergent solution designed specifically for soft washing. These items are available from many hardware stores, making them simple and accessible for any DIY homeowner. With patience, some effort, and all the correct materials for soft washing, you’ll be able to keep the exterior of your house looking fresh and clean in no time.

Begin by Wetting Down the Surface You’re Going to Clean, then Apply the Detergent Solution Evenly.

Before starting, it is important to prepare the surface you wish to clean. Begin by wetting down the surface with a garden hose at low pressure, then proceed to apply the cleaning detergent solution evenly over the entire area. This step should be carried out gently and methodically so as to not cause any damage, as it will help ensure that the soft wash house cleaning procedure is successful.

Let the Solution Soak for 5-10 minutes Before Rinsing it Off with your Pressure Washer Set to Low Pressure.

Letting a soft wash solution soak for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off with a pressure washer set to low pressure is an important step in the soft wash house cleaning process. It gives the detergents and biodegradable soaps time to work, providing maximum protection against algae, moss, and mildew buildup. And while it might take a bit of extra time, the result is well worth it – ensuring that your house is beautifully clean and looks great for years to come.

Be Sure to Rinse all Surfaces Thoroughly to Avoid Streaking or Water Spots.

Rinsing is an important consideration when using a soft wash on the exterior of your house. The process of using high pressure water to remove dirt, stains and mildew from hard surfaces can leave behind streaks or water spots if not done properly. To ensure that a thorough job is done and these unwanted marks are avoided, it is important to rinse all exposed surfaces not just once but twice for maximum effectiveness. Consistent rinsing will also help protect the house from further damage in the future caused by trapping moisture in cracks or leaving behind chemical residue. Taking the extra few minutes to give your home’s surfaces a comprehensive rinse will keep them looking pristine and ensure your house is fully protected.

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