Why Do You Need To Get Your Windows Cleaned?


Wipe Clean are getting ready to go back to our favorite activity – window cleaning (bet you can guess by our company name).

Window cleaning is much more important for the proper maintenance and health of your house than you think. Let’s dive into why it is important to keep your windows squeaky clean!

First, clean windows can help ensure healthy air quality in your house. Some unpleasant particles such as mould, allergens, dust and dirt can collect around your windows and sills. This buildup can cause stiffness in your chest, sneezing, watery eyes and other nasty symptoms. Long-term exposure may cause permanent damage to your precious lungs – which is something that you DEFINITELY don’t want to experience nowadays! Remember – clean windows and sills are a must in 2021.

Next, cleaning windows regularly SAVES YOU MONEY is the long term. Guess what – our environment is very very unfriendly to big, shiny, fragile glass surfaces. Hard water, falling debris, snow, wind and rain are slowly but steadily deteriorating your windows and might cause scratches, cracks and other damage to your windows. You can avoid the premature death of your windows by keeping them clean and buildup free.

It may seem obvious but it is easier to see outside through clean windows. Now, when a lot of people are stuck at home, the ability to look outside; without dealing with smudges, fingerprints, dust and streaks on the glass, is rising in value.

Lastly, clean windows are a sign of a responsible owner. Whenever you own a business or your family home, it is always good to raise the “curb appeal” of your property. People prefer to deal with people in places that look attractive and inviting. If you can’t see through the windows, would you want to go inside? Clean windows are undeniably more pleasurable to look at.

You may not even notice the built up dirt and grime but you will see the shocking difference it makes to have your windows cleaned by the pros!

That’s why Wipe Clean is your #1 choice for Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing and more in Calgary!

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