First impressions matter the most…

When we are meeting someone for a first date, or going for a job interview – the first impression sticks like … well dirt.

At Wipe Clean, I believe that first impressions matter including when someone visits your house or business for the first time. Dirty windows, clogged gutters, or a muddy drive scream “stay away!” to any potential visitors.

Wipe Clean is here to help! For four generations and more than 90 years, my family and I have provided outstanding service in all things window cleaning and power washing for our customers.

Wipe Clean will wipe away your dirty first impressions and replace them with sparkly, clean ones! I am part of the newest generation of window cleaners and want to be the best so far!

Gravity can be a b***ch! Let me help you avoid those awkward conversations with your handyman brother-in-law on why you’re attending his BBQ with crutches. Say no more to the office whispers about your new neckbrace.

Forget about struggling with a wheelchair in a tiny office elevator. Send me out to clean those high up windows or gutters! All of my team and I are fully insured so even if one of us does fall, we’re covered!

Did I mention the GIANT insurance and medical bill hustle that lurks in home injury? The “fun” time spent in the hospital emergency room?

Save your “home injury coupon” for something meaningful – like getting your overweight cat out of that tree!Do not risk your neck trying to fight with a pressure washer or clean high up windows and gutters – leave it to the professionals.

Call us at (403) 278 3393 or press the button below for a free quote!

Yours truly,
Nick Stainsby,
Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd.
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