Get ahead, learn how to repair your window screens!

It is nice to see that spring is finally taking reigns in Calgary. FINALLY, the ice is melting and we prepare for walks in the park, playing outside, camping in the great wild or just sitting on the patio, sipping mimosas all day.

Unfortunately when ice is melting it also uncovers some of the things that need to be worked on around your house – gutters, windows and window screens need to be taken care of ahead of the summer.
Your window screens are a crucial part of your house’s comfort. They keep the bugs and pests away, filter outside noise and keep the extra sunshine away from your living space. In our last email, we discussed how to clean a window screen – now let’s talk about how to fix a broken window screen.

Window screens are typically made out of 2 materials – fiberglass and aluminum. The only difference in patching up these types of screens depends on the material used. The most popular screens are made of fiberglass. It is flexible and can be adjusted with time unlike the more sturdy, aluminum mesh.

For the small hole repair: First, measure the damage that is on your window screen. Then, cut the hole in the screen in a square, bend the edges of the hole so the cut ends of the mesh will be able to penetrate the fixed patch. Cut the screen patch using your measurements. Make sure to keep the patch ½-ich bigger than the original damaged hole. Finally, press the patch to the hole, covering it completely. Secure the patch on the screen with water-resistant glue (some repair kits have glue pre-packed)Keep in mind that patching your window screen is usually a low-cost and temporary relief to the damage. This method leaves your window screens looking worn-off and incomplete.

You can save yourself from repair and fixing hustle! Just call Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd and we will do all this work for you. We do not patch, we use our own method to make your screens look new! The way we repair screens is to take the old screen out including the spleen as tabs. Then cut the new screen to size and then reinstall the freshly cut screen Into the frame and replace the spleen. If the spleen cannot be reused we will replace it. This way you’re left with a like-new window screen for the less of a price of the new one.

Our professionals know how to fix or replace your window screens quickly and efficiently. Just dial 403 278 3393! Wipe Clean guarantees that your neighbors would be turning their heads looking at your beautiful property!
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