How NOT to Clean Your Window Screens…

That’s how!
Now, let’s see how it’s done properly…It smells like spring is in the air in Calgary! 

The ice and snow are melting all over the city, uncovering all the damage that winter brought upon our windows, windows screens, gutters and house driveways.

Let me tell you, spring is a busy time for Wipe Clean – so many homeowners require assistance in making their property look beautiful again after the winter ruckus! We don’t mind!

That is why my team and I would like to share some pro-tips on how to spring clean your windows screens to make your and our (for when you decide to hire us for your building maintenance) lives easier.

1. Assess the damage. This is the most important part of the spring recovery for your window screens. Extreme cold, ice and snow can tear the screen and will weaken the frame making it prone to damage. Make sure to inspect your windows and window screens and check the window frame for debris and dirt. The easiest way to check the screen for damage is to take it off!

2. How to remove dirt and pollen from your window screen? You will need a couple of gadgets to clean your window screens: a vacuum, dish with soapy water, soft brush and a microfibre cloth. We advise you to start the cleaning process by taking screens off and vacuuming them – this will remove dust, mold, pollen and other nasties that could be stuck in them. You can then rinse the screen with a garden hose for extra cleanliness.

3. Washing window screen. Mix 1/4 cup of liquid all-purpose cleaner with 1/2 gallon of water in a bowl or bucket and gently wash your window screen with a soft brush. Keep it vertical for easier handling. Make sure to rinse well with water to avoid soap drying on the screen’s surface. If you live in an apartment, use your shower to make it easy.

4. Dry your window screen with a lint-free towel or microfibre cloth or put it outside to be dried by the air. Put your window screen back in place and it’s done!

Congratulations, you made your window screen sparkle! In case you don’t have time for hassling with a window screen or you just want to relax at home while our guys are risking their precious lives doing your windows (don’t worry, they are insured) – give a call to Wipe Clean at 403 278 3393.

We can also repair your window screens if they are damaged. We are professionals and we are passionate about making your house shiny and sparkling clean for the spring.

Wipe Clean guarantees that your neighbours would be turning their heads looking at your beautiful property!
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