How to maintain your gutters with ease!

Your gutters are a vital part of your home’s ecosystem. Very few people realize how important it is to clear their gutters every year! Maintaining your gutters can save you from paying costly repairs to your gutters or the exterior of your house. 

Ever wondered how the pros do it? Here’s my professional tips on maintaining your gutters:

1. Wear waterproof gloves! Debris can be made up of a variety of items including leaves and sticks, so wearing a good pair of gloves will keep your hands safe. Water can collect under layers of thick leaves so having waterproof gloves is key.

2. Wear safety glasses! Not just glasses but clothing too. Wearing the appropriate clothes and safety equipment will prevent you from getting hurt when clearing out debris.

3. A sturdy ladder! You will need a good ladder that is long enough to reach your gutter and won’t move or fall while you’re working on it. Placing your ladder on even ground with a stabilizer is ideal. Having an extra person to hold the base of the ladder can help prevent the ladder from moving too.

4. Gutter clearing tools and a pressure washer! Having tools such as a rake and scoop help clear large debris faster. Equally, a pressure washer can speed up the process and can help wash away any smaller debris or sediment.

5. Test the gutter! Once clean, run your hose into your gutter to test for any leaking or sagging sections. Finding problem areas early can help prevent damage to your house or costly repairs to your gutter system.

Stay tuned for more tips on all things gutters! I’ll be doing a full dive into when you should call a professional to help and how you can avoid big repairs costs by doing a few small tasks.

Not sure you want to dance around with all these tools and risk your neck on the roof? 
Leave the chores to the professionals and enjoy the summer! Call us at (403) 278 3393 or press a button below for a free quote!

Yours Truly, 
Nick Stainsby,
Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd.
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