“Check this out! This guy tried to clean his own gutters….”

Cleaning out our gutters is a chore we all do every year. It’s a vital chore to ensure your home looks clean and functions! But, there are some hidden risks we all take. 

Falls are the third leading cause of injury, or worse, in all age groups. As a professional, I know how easy it is to slip and fall while doing something as mundane as cleaning out your gutters.

There are many factors to consider when you’re deciding to clear your gutters by yourself or if you use a professional service. So here are some of my tips on when you should call a professional instead of risking your neck!

Time, Risk, and Quality:
Time. Time can be a big factor when considering a professional to clean your gutters. As a professional, I have all the equipment I need to clean gutters efficiently AND to take safety precautions. It’s VITAL to take your time when cleaning your gutters. A poorly placed ladder, a slippery step, or a rushed movement can lead to a fall! Take your time or call a professional to do it for you. As a pro, I can get your gutters clean quickly and without injury.

Risk. There are many risks to consider when clearing your gutters. I strongly recommend you to call a professional if you are inexperienced on a ladder. Knowing where to place a ladder and how to work on one are necessary to prevent falls. Power lines are dangerous. Period.
Do not attempt to work near or around power lines. Always call a professional. Low hanging trees are a unique kind of risk. If you have trees near your home you should be cleaning out your gutters more than twice a year. Low hanging branches can create obstacles when you are working on your gutters and can lead to falls or damage to your house. Never forget, professionals are insured for any injuries – you are not.

Quality Nothing beats the quality work of a professional. Not only can professionals clear your gutters to a high quality, we can also evaluate the health of your gutter system and recommend when you need repairs. Any holes, leaks, sagging sections or erosion, we can identify with an expert eye.

Your home will thank you for maintaining your gutters! If you have questions or are thinking of going with the pros, call Wipe Clean at (403) 278 3393 for a free quote!
Yours Truly
Nick Stainsby,
Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd.
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