“I was just thinking about you. Here’s why my mind is in the gutter….”

Let’s talk all things gutters! Gutters are an essential part of a home’s ecosystem. Your gutters channel water away from your roof toward a downspout that allows water to safely drain away from your home. Both downspouts and gutters need to be cleared to avoid sagging, leaking, or an overflow.
What does a clog do to my gutter?
Debris in your gutter can become a home to rodents and other pests. Over time, those rodents and pests may come into your home or will keep adding to the weight of your gutter. A clogged gutter can put a weight strain on your gutter and the fascia (the boards behind the gutter). If the gutter becomes too heavy with debris, it can collapse off the roof of your home. This can damage the exterior of your house, the fascia, and the shingles of your roof. That kind of damage adds up fast and can go from cleaning out your gutter to spending thousands in gutter and roof repairs!

Too many times, I have seen homeowners losing their mind (and their money) over extensive damage to their house from a collapsed gutter. What do you say when your kid asks where their beloved dog went? You can’t say Fido went to heaven because the gutter you promised to fix fell on him! What happens if my gutter and downspout overflow? When water from your gutter has nowhere to go, it will collect and overflow into your foundation.

Depending on the condition of your foundation, water can leak into your basement and can put your home at risk for mold. Over time, water will continue to damage your foundation which can cost upwards of $10,000 to repair!
How often should I clear my gutters?
I recommend that you clear your gutters at least twice a year. If you have trees close to your home, you should clear your gutters more often. Clearing your gutters in the spring and fall will allow your gutters to drain away spring showers and prepare your home for winter. Sitting water in your gutter during winter can cause that water to freeze and damage your gutter, potentially damaging your house and causing drainage issues in the spring.

Stay tuned for my next email on how to safely clear your gutters and when you need to call a professional. Or, if you have questions now, call us at (403) 278 3393 for a free consultation and quote!
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Nick Stainsby,
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