Riley Park 

If you live in Calgary, there are a few parks that you should be checking out. One of those is Riley Park, which is located right outside Kensington in northwest Calgary.

It’s home to a wading pool, cricket pitch, playground and Senator Patrick Burns Memorial Rock Garden. In addition, it has a stage with free concerts during the summer. A fantastic article to read.

The Wading Pool

When it gets hot in Calgary, we all need a place to cool off. And Riley Park is the perfect spot to do just that!

Located next to Kensington in Northwest Calgary, this park is filled with a cricket pitch, playground, gardens, and a huge wading pool dotted with large trees. The City-run pool has varying depths and an island in the middle, making it ideal for kids of all ages to have fun in.

There’s also a large playground on the west end of the park, with everything from preschool-level climbers to slides and swings for toddlers and tweens. Plus, outdoor xylophones and bongos for musical kids!

The City’s splash pads and wading pools typically open in mid-June. You can check their website to see if the one nearest you is open for the season.

The Playground

There are a lot of beautiful parks in the city, but some are really special. This playground at Riley Park in the Hillhurst neighbourhood is one of them.

This playground opened this Spring and is the perfect place for your kids to run around and have some fun. Little ones will enjoy running up and down the ramps while big kids will like climbing up the rope bridge and going down the tall slides.

Accessible flooring, ramps, teeter-totters, rope walls, swings, saucer swings and musical activities make this a fun place for all kids to play.

Surrounding the playground and wading pool are many large shade trees to provide some much needed relief from the sun’s rays. There are also several historical markers in the area, including Senator Patrick Burns rock garden, the flagstone that used to be from his mansion and the stage where free concerts are held during the summer.

In addition to these attractions, Riley Park has a cricket pitch that is home to the Calgary cricket leagues. It is a lovely destination park that is within walking distance of Kensington. More places to also visit by clicking here.

The Rosedale Neighbourhood

The Rosedale Neighbourhood, established in 1929, is one of Calgary’s oldest neighbourhoods. Its residents enjoy the beautiful downtown views that can be seen from their homes.

The neighbourhood is located between the Trans-Canada Highway and McHugh Bluff Park, giving residents convenient access to major roadways and public transportation. This community also offers many outdoor amenities within walking distance, including McHugh Bluff Park, which features a scenic cliffside setting and spectacular cityscape views.

Rosedale is a popular area for families looking for an urban lifestyle with easy access to schools, shopping, and restaurants. It is close to the SAIT campus and the trendy Kensington District.

The Hillhurst Neighbourhood

Hillhurst is one of Calgary’s oldest neighbourhoods. Established in 1914, this northwest community has an area redevelopment plan in place.

The neighbourhood is bordered by 8th Avenue NW to the north, 10th Street W to the east, the Bow River to the south and 14th Street W to the west. It is a popular inner city neighbourhood that is adjoined to the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ).

There are many parks and recreational facilities in the area, including Riley Park. This 9 acre park contains a cricket pitch, wading pool and the Senator Patrick Burns Memorial Rock Garden.

This picturesque flower and rock garden was built in the 1950s using flagstone from the senator’s demolished mansion. It is located within a large treed hillside.

Hillhurst is a great place for families with children to live, because it has plenty of green space and other parks to keep them active. It is also an ideal location for shopping and dining. Next blog post.



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