The Military Museums

The Military Museums Calgary AB offers an extensive collection of artifacts, history, heritage and more. It aims to “Remember, Preserve and Educate” about Canadians’ military experience.

A Cold War Exhibit features a pair of replica Hardened Aircraft Shelters with a CF-18 Hornet, a CF-104 Starfighter and an F-86 Sabre jet fighter. Read this first!

The Army Museum

The Army Museum at The Military Museums Calgary AB highlights the history of regiments like Lord Strathcona’s Horse Regiment (Royal Canadians), Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, The King’s Own Calgary Regiment and the Calgary Highlanders. The museum also features galleries showcasing the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force as well as a number of other exhibits.

The military museum at The Military Museums Calgary AB has an impressive collection of artifacts including uniforms, equipment and weapons. In addition, you can see archival documents, photographs and original artwork related to Canadian military history.

This is a fantastic place to visit for anyone looking to learn about the history of the Canadian Armed Forces. There are tanks and planes outside you can climb on and take pictures with, a life size world war 2 diorama in the entrance, and a lot of memorabilia to look at.

The Air Force Museum

As one of the founding members of The Military Museums, the Air Force Museum is dedicated to the history of Canada’s Air Force from the First World War to the present day. This award-winning facility is dedicated to representing the Air Force and educating the public, particularly youth, about our military history.

The Air Force Museum is home to a range of fascinating artifacts and stories about the Canadian Air Force. These include a silk escape map issued to prisoners of war, contributions of women in the RCAF, overseas operations, modern-day tasks and more.

The museum has recently added a new aircraft to its collection, the CT-133 Silver Stars, which served as a training plane during the Cold War. The aircraft joins a CF-5, a Korean War-era F-86 Sabre Jet fighter and a CF-18 Hornet at the museum. Explore more!

The Naval Museum

The Military Museums Calgary AB is the largest tri-service museum in Western Canada. It is comprised of four regimental museums, three branch-specific museums, an art gallery and the Military Museums Library and Archives.

The Naval Museum at The Military Museums is a must-see for Canadian naval history buffs, with a collection of major ship weapons systems in Canada and an extensive archive of historical documents, photographs and artefacts related to Canadian naval history. Learn about the Boer War, the World Wars, Korea and UN and NATO missions including Afghanistan.

The museum is well-staffed by helpful docents, who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They also have a variety of interesting displays, from authentic armoured vehicles to fighter planes, with many of them set up like how they would have been used in war.

The Hangar Flight Museum

“To inspire dreams of flight” is the tagline for The Hangar Flight Museum (formerly the Aero Space Museum of Calgary). Located south of the airport, this large northeast Calgary facility is home to a collection of rare aircraft that spans an impressive century.

While you’ll find plenty of aviation memorabilia on display, the biggest surprise is the Cold War Exhibit, which features two 50-foot wide Sprung structures resembling the Hardened Aircraft Shelters used by Canadian military aircraft during the Cold War. Inside the display resides a CF-18 Hornet, a CF-104 Starfighter and an F-86 Sabre Jet fighter. It’s a great way to learn about the history of the Canadian military and its role in international relations. It’s a definite must-see for any visitor to The Military Museums.

The Library & Archives

The Library & Archives at The Military Museums Calgary AB houses an extensive collection of books and manuscripts covering Canadian military history from the 17th century to the modern day. Located within the complex of The Military Museums, this library is a great resource for students and researchers alike.

The library also contains a number of valuable collections, including the University of Alberta Archive’s Digital Collections webpage and the Digital Image Repository. These online resources feature a wide range of information on subjects such as Alberta’s military, geography and politics.

The Library & Archives also has collections related to Aboriginal history and art. These include the John Lee Laurie collection and the South Peace Regional Archives Society’s dossier on the First Special Service Force. Continue reading next article.



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